July 2023

An Insanely Evil Interview With Absolutenutcase162 On Instagram

SpongeBob Irony Account Turned Satanic Mastermind Speaks On His Crazy Lore

Who Is Absolutenutcase162 On Instagram?

On one fateful night in 2022, an Instagram user spawned from Hell and dubbed himself @absolutenutcase162. He started uploading a series of chaotically created comics, using obtuse SpongeBob screenshots, tracing them together in a way that, disturbingly, made a lot of sense. He went viral rather quickly, earning a cult following of loyal nutcases.

In turn, the rise of Instagram’s @absolutenutcase162 has been an interesting one. In its short lifespan, there are already multiple meme trends that have been born there. From "We have come for your nectar," to "Hi Squidward," to "I cannot let you escape, Squidward," the page’s insanity has spread to the mainstream world, like a collective hallucination plaguing all meme enjoyers.

Ultimately, @absolutenutcase162’s page is adding to a long history of absurdist, SpongeBob meme pages, the likes of which have endured since at least 2018, back when nonsensical Hood Irony memes were still fresh and brand new. Although he’s adding to it, @absolutenutcase162 has quickly come to define the genre. Luckily, I got the chance to speak with the deranged meme maker to talk about his process, inspirations and favorite pieces of his growing lore.

Q: Hello @absolutenutcase162! So glad to be talking with you. To start off, what is your page about? Describe it.

A: I mean… that's the whole point. It's just, you know, it's whatever I think of. I started this account just to mess with my friend, but then I was like, "Oh, I can make this into a meme page." I just made this "nutcase" character, made him like a satanist or whatever, and then just posted random stuff. You know? The SpongeBob stuff came later, but that became the main thing obviously.

Q: Well, what is your relationship with the show SpongeBob SquarePants?

A: Well, obviously, I was a big fan when I was younger. I don't watch it as much now, but there's so many random "SpongeBob irony" memes that are just popping right now. So I was like, "Okay, I should probably start one of those pages." But yeah, I've gone back into watching it, so that's cool. There are a ton of accounts which do SpongeBob stuff, so I was inspired by them. But yeah, I don't really watch the show anymore, but, you know, it’s just a good template for making memes because there’s so many of them out there.

Q: So, you spoke a little bit about it but what really inspired you to start @absolutenutcase162?

A: Well, it was about a year ago when I started it. I'd been wanting to do a page for a while. A ton of my friends had like meme pages and stuff like that. I'd made stuff before, which I just sent to my friends as jokes and stuff. And I was like, "Hey, I can probably post this. I’ll just post random stuff."

I didn't pick up traction until, it must been May or June or something like that. But, before I started, like, the comic style of my posts, it was just like whatever random shit I could just throw into an image. There wasn't really a plot or anything like that.

Q: Can you speak a little bit about what your process is when making a meme? Like how does the idea come to you?

A: So, I'm really bad at brainstorming post ideas. What I do beforehand is I get a bunch of screenshots or like, you know, cutouts of what I think would be good in the post. And then from that I'll have a flash of inspiration or something, which is like, "Oh, yeah, I can add these and these and I can make the plot about this." So, the screenshots come first. I don't really know what I'm doing when I start a post, but normally it comes to you as you do it.

Q: What was your first viral post and what was the story behind its creation?

A: If we’re talking properly viral, it's obviously got to be the "nectar" post. That’s still, I think, my most popular post, even though I posted it in May last year. Back then, I was really bad at everything, I was just using like Snapchat’s editor to make posts.

So, I got this one screenshot of, you know, like nerdy SpongeBob, just his body and I was like, "Okay, how can I use this?" And for some reason I had a pair of wings just in my cutout [on Snapchat], so I was just like, "Oh, I can make him a fly." And then, it just went from there. It became the most popular meme on my page instantly.

Q: Well, what's your favorite OC meme or, you know, piece of @absolutenutcase162 lore?

A: Oh, man. Well, the fan favorite has gotta be "Pizza Fucker." I've made about four of those. The whole thing is just Mr. Krabs and, you know, obviously he wants to fuck pizza. Yeah… That's my favorite character, but there are a ton of them, like, there’s one called "Evil Satan." When I used to make those, that was my favorite for a long time.

Q: Wait, who is the Pizza Fucker? Like, describe him.

A: Oh, it’s Mr. Krabs, you know, he's got this addiction. He went into rehab for it. I mean, at some point in my posts. There's multiple of them. So, there could be many pizza fuckers. I guess, he's just a guy that really likes pizza.

Q: And what was the inspiration behind him?

A: Oh, well, I just had this screenshot of SpongeBob as a pizza and I didn't really have any other post for that night. I had about, I don't know, 20 minutes of free time to think of a post. I was like, "Okay, how can I make this weird." And I just also had the naked Mr. Krabs photo and it just hit me, you know, "pizza fucker."

Q: Here’s an important question, what does the word "evil" mean to you?

A: Oh, God. You know, it's the sole motivator for absolutenutcase posts on Instagram. All the posts are evil, just trying to spread evil across Instagram. When I started out, I didn't really know like, what the theme of my character was gonna be. I must have seen something about Satan. So I just made it completely Satan-related. So he's just like this satanic fucking schizophrenic person. He's just insane.

Q: Do you have any funny follower interactions off of the top of your head?

A: Oh man. Well, especially after a format that I've made gets popular, I get tons of message requests which are usually just random stuff. My favorite fan submissions are voiceovers and stuff like that. They're always really well-edited.

There’s nothing too insane, surprisingly. There are some people who will send me, like, a hundred photos of Mr. Krabs or something. That’s pretty insane.

Q: SpongeBob, Family Guy or other?

A: Hmm, you know, with SpongeBob, I'm a season one to three guy because that's what I grew up on, obviously. The rest of it, I don’t know. Family Guy’s not really my thing. There are a ton of cartoons. I’d say Regular Show actually. Regular Show is a big inspiration for some of my posts.

Q: Do you have any tips for people trying to start their own meme page?

A: Oh, yeah, of course. It’s really just do your own thing. If you can tweak it, add your own style and then consistently post quality content, then you'll get big in no time. As long as you stand out, you'll be alright.

Q: Do you have any big plans for your content going forward?

A: I’d love to make longer videos going forward. Do you know an account called @saboingabob? He was obviously an inspiration for my page in the first place. In December, we posted a collab YouTube Poop kind of thing. I'd love to do more on my own and with him. I want to continue doing them but at the moment I don’t have much time. But yeah, in the future I'm definitely gonna make more of those.

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